Each room comes in 5 different colors, which correspond to 5 unique styles so everyone can find something that fits their personality.

- Pink/Vintage: floral patterns with pink accents

- Navy/Coastal: nautical elements with shades of blue

- Green/Natural: wood tones with pops of green & black

- Aqua/Adventure: bold patterns with bright colors

- Gray/Monochrome: bold patterns with black & white

The Styles

Each travel dollhouse is handcrafted with love so each case is unique. Each case includes 1 room: collect them all to make a full house. 

The Room

Each travel dollhouse is designed to be packed up so it can travel with your child. Play time goes with you, making this the perfect toy for play dates, car trips, plane rides, or visits to Grandma's house. Each case also comes with a trinket bag to store tiny pieces safely.

The Traveler


Not only does your child get to choose a style that fits her taste, she also gets to personalize the case. Each travel dollhouse includes a wooden luggage tag attached with a black metal chain. One side of the tag has our stamped logo, while the other side includes your child's name in a lovely script font.

The Tag

The cases are made from heavyweight, recycled fiberboard with a matte finish (can be damaged by moisture) with a metal handle and clasp. A closed case measures 8" wide by 6" tall by 3" deep. An open case has a depth of 9". 

The Case

Our dollhouse do not include dolls, but we do have suggestions for dolls you can use:

-  Calico Critters: these are the perfect size for our travel dollhouses and who doesn't love cute animal dolls

- Any 1:12 scale dolls: this is the scale of most dollhouses, including our travel dollhouses

The Dolls

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