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DIY Kit: Arches Island

I just love a good kitchen island, even in a dollhouse. To purchase this DIY Kit, please click here. You can also order the assembled versions from the same link. Let's get started with assembly.

Your kit includes everything you see in the above picture.

-front & back

-2 arch fronts

-2 sides


You will need to supply the following items:

-craft glue

-super glue

-220 grit sandpaper

-paint and/or stains in colors of your choice

You have a couple routes depending on what you want to do with your island. If you plan to stain or leave the wood unfinished, then you'll need to use sandpaper to remove the burn marks. If you plan to paint, this is the time to do it. For my example, I painted the front and back base panels. They would also look really cute with a wallpaper download or scrapbook paper.

Attach the arches to the base panels by applying craft glue to the back of the arches. Use a heavy book as a weight to hold the arches onto the base panel until the glue sets.

Remove the protective tape from both sides of the 3 acrylic pieces. Now it's time to put everything together.

Apply a thin line of super glue to the edge of one of the arch panels and attach it to one of the side acrylic panels. I use a square to make sure everything is square. All the glue to set.

Repeat that process for the other arch panel to attach it to side panel. Once the glue has set, apply super glue to the edges of the other ends of the arch panels. Attach the other acrylic side panel. You should now have the island with the exception of the top.

Apply a line of super glue to the top edge of the island and attach the countertop. Allow the glue to set and you're done.

Make sure to tag me on Instagram to show me how you customized your kitchen island.

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