Outdoor Lantern DIY Kit

I have another DIY kit to add to the shop! These modern outdoor lanterns would look perfect on your dollhouse porch. They would even make great bathroom lights or bedroom lights. Please keep in mind that these lights do NOT actually light up; they are for decoration only. The lights are laser cut from very thin plywood so please be extremely careful when assembling.

Let me explain my philosophy on why I offer these DIY kits. I am a firm believe in doing things yourself, which is how I got started selling miniatures in the first place. On my very first dollhouse, I wasn't willing to pay for the hefty price tags of the furniture and decor I wanted so I just made it myself. As people started asking to buy the items they were seeing in my dollhouses, I decided to start selling. Making miniatures can be extremely time consuming so I finally understood the large price tags. It's been my goal since first starting Mini Adventures Co. to get adults and kids alike to see that they can do it themselves when it comes to dollhouses. With a DIY kit, you get to save money while making something exactly how you want for your dollhouse. Click here to view the DIY Kits collection.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Assembly Time: 5 minutes


- DIY Kit (purchase here)

- Glue (craft or super)

- Spray paint

To purchase your own kit, please click here. With your purchase, you will receive the 7 pieces you see in the photo cut from 1/16" plywood. If you would like to purchase an assembled and painted outdoor lantern, please click here.

The only materials you need to provide are craft or super glue and whatever spray paint you want to use to finish your lantern. Let's start assembling.

We'll start by assembling the bracket that mounts to the wall. I prefer to use craft glue rather than super glue because it's more forgiving and gives me time to adjust the pieces. Apply a thin line of glue to the bottom portion of the back of the hook piece.

Attach the hook to the center of the wall bracket so that it protrudes slightly from the top.

Now, we'll assemble the main portion of the lantern. Apply a thin line of glue around the perimeter of the square piece.

Take one of the wider sides (it should be the same width as the square), and attach it to the square.

Apply a thin line of glue to a long side of one of the smaller pieces.

Attach that piece to the square and connect it to the larger piece that's already been glued.

Repeat that process with the other small piece.

Apply glue to the last piece on each side as shown in the photo, and attach it to the square and the other two sides.

Before the glue dries, adjust all the sides so they are flush with the square and each other. Gently use your finger to wipe off excess glue.

The wall bracket should fit pretty snugly into the small hole of the square piece, but I still like to use a dab of glue to keep it secure.

Let the glue dry completely before you spray paint it.

To finish the lantern, I recommend spray paint because it's gentler. If using a paintbrush, be extra careful. To hold the lantern in place (small items like this tend to get blown over with spray paint), I simply stick it on painters' tape.

Apply a couple thin coats of spray paint, and be sure to spray from all angles. Allow the paint to dry completely before attaching to your dollhouse.

To attach the lantern to your dollhouse, apply glue to the back of the brace and gently press it to the wall and hold for a few seconds.

I think these lanterns add the perfect finishing touch to this front porch. To shop for other items for your outdoor space, like doormats and planters, click here.

To purchase a completed lantern in gold or black, click here. I would love to see your outdoor spaces. Tag me on Instagram @mini.adventures.co so I can share you in my stories.

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