Seasonal Artwork

I am a huge fan of seasonal decor that is easy to change out! I don't want to spend a ton of money on decor that is only going to be out for a month or two. This means that I like to find pieces that are versatile and can be used year round.  My dollhouse is no exception. I want decor and artwork that I can quickly and inexpensively change but still enjoy the fun seasonal decor.

I have a thing for vintage trucks and the timeless nostalgia they provide. A couple years ago, I fell in love with the image of a Christmas tree in the back of a red vintage truck. It's so classic and gives me all the warm fuzzies. I thought it would be so much fun to change out the packages in the back of the truck for different seasons and holidays. I found my vintage truck at Hobby Lobby, but I've seen them other places as well. You can find the one I have here

I loved changing out the little package each month, but I wanted something a little more. I always make what I call "destination" signs. For example, a pumpkin patch for fall or a Christmas tree farm for Christmas. I wanted mini versions of these signs to go with my vintage truck to create a little seasonal vignette. I designed 12 mini signs, one for each month that can be printed onto cardstock. To purchase a digital download, (a 2-page PDF file), click here. For my truck decor, I glued the signs to mini canvases that I purchased on Amazon.

For my dollhouse, I sized down the signs slightly and created a frame that has a slot for inserting artwork. To purchase the insertable frame, click here. You can also buy the frame and artwork at a discount than if you were to purchase them separately. I love that you can mount the frame over your fireplace, for instance, and then just change out the sign each month so your dollhouse is always decorated for the season. You could also design your own artwork to go inside the frame (the measurements you need are provided in the listing for the frame). Just make sure to print on cardstock.

Here's how to create seasonal artwork that is super easy to change out. If you purchase the frame and artwork, your frame will be mailed to you ready to go with a weathered stain. The artwork will be emailed to you, and you'll print it on cardstock (regular printer paper is too flimsy to be inserted into the frame).

Cut out the signs along the gray lines. Please note that if you purchase the artwork alone, the signs are formatted to fit the frame I sell, which means the artwork is slightly off center. If you want your sign centered, cut slightly more off the right side, and you should be good to go.

The opening for the sign is on one of the long sides (it can be hard to see so just gently press on the frame to see which side gives slightly). Gently slide the sign into the frame.

If you're having trouble getting the sign all the way into the frame, use a fresh eraser to finish. Make sure it's a clean eraser so it doesn't leave any marks on your sign.

Now you have fun seasonal artwork that's easy to change out every month. If you want more seasonal decor for your dollhouse, click here to be taken to the other seasonal decor I offer. Also, keep an eye out for future artwork downloads that are sized to fit this frame.

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