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Ready to expand your dollhouse or don't have space for a full dollhouse? Now you can get a Double Rooftop from The Adventure Dollhouse. To purchase the entire dollhouse, click here. 


What if children had the opportunity to be the architects of their own small worlds? What if a dollhouse could change with the child's imagination? What if a dollhouse could transform into a new world each day?


The Adventure Dollhouse is a modular dollhouse that gives children the flexibility to explore and use their imaginations with rooms that are easy to arrange in endless layouts. The simple and modern design looks beautiful while encouraging creativity.


Individual rooms are assembled with screws (assembly instructions can be found here), while rooms are connected to each other with magnets. The rooms can be easily rearranged, yet the magnets are strong enough to safely hold the dollhouse together. 


Dimensions: 20” L x 10” D x 12” H


Disclaimer: While the dollhouse is made of durable MDF, children should handle the rooms gently so the paint and MDF do not chip.


The Adventure Dollhouse ships separately from other items in your order and the shipping cost varies by region:

United States: $20

Canada: $40

International: $75


Age Guideline: Safety tested for 3 years and older


Materials: MDF, screws, magnets


Dolls, accessories, and other rooms are sold separately. 

Double Rooftop

  • Read my Shop Policies to learn about age guidelines, processing times, shipping, and refunds.

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