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My Story

Welcome to Mini Adventures Co. I'm Jackie Anderson, the creator behind the dollhouses. Ever since renovating a dollhouse for my daughter Lucy as a Christmas present, I became obsessed with creating miniatures. After all, isn't everything cuter when it's in miniature form? I love creating variety, which is why you have so many mini adventures to choose from: full dollhouses, travel dollhouses that pack up, and mini furniture and decor if you want to create your own mini adventure. 

I am a firm believer in doing things yourself, and I want to inspire kids and adults alike to make their own mini adventures. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your mini project come together. My dream with this company is to provide you with the tools and tutorials you need to work on your own mini spaces. Of course, that might not be your thing so I'll always sell completed packages, but you might have more fun than you think trying it out for yourself. 


My husband Rick thinks it's a crazy hobby, but he's a good sport and supports my mini dream. My 8yo daughter Lucy is the cutest little model you ever did see, and she helps test the new products to make sure they're plenty of fun. My 7yo son Ricky and 3yo daughter Baylor prefer to work on the quality control side of things by testing the durability of each piece. 

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