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The Adventure Dollhouse

The world's first modular dollhouse that gives children the flexibility to explore and use their imaginations with magnetic rooms that are easy to rearrange in endless layouts. 

The Adventure Dollhouse

The Adventure Dollhouse

Why You and Your Kids Will Love this Adventure


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Head to my blog where you can read all about my dollhouse journey and the road to get to this dream of mine. I'm sharing my heart and passion for the importance of small world play.


Rheanna, Mom of 3 Girls

I LOVE this dollhouse. It is so functional and adorable. The rooms being able to move is incredible. As a mom of 3 girls, I like that you can access the house from multiple angles. My daughters took the house apart to each decorate the rooms. Mini Adventures Co. has thought of everything!


Genevieve, Age 7

I love that you can move the rooms around. I like that you can make any room anything you want it to be.

The Details

  • Price: $200 

  • Includes: 4 rooms and a patio

       -Single Room: 10” L x 10” D x 8.75” H

       -Double Room: 20” L x 10” D x 8.75” H

       -Single Rooftop: 10" L x 10" D x 12” H

       -Double Rooftop: 20” L x 10" D x 12” H

       -Patio (no magnets): 10" L x 10" D x 3” H

  • Assembly: about 8 minutes per room, 45 minutes for the entire dollhouse

  • How it Works: rooms assembled by screws, rooms connected by magnets

  • Patent pending

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