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A Christmas Tree Adventure: December 2022 Subscription Box

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is nearly here and that means the December subscription box is nearly ready to ship out for your littles to enjoy. I love how interactive this box is, and I hope you and your kids love it, too. Let's get the breakdown on what's included and how to maximize fun.

This month's box includes a miniature Christmas tree with a bag of all the trimmings to decorate the tree and a DIY Kit of a mini present that includes a tiny little gift to place inside the box.

I designed the decorations so that your child can redo it as many times as she likes. If you're looking for a more permanent solution, you can always hot glue the decorations in place.

Your bag of decorations includes:

-tree skirt

-gold garland

-star topper with white wire to attach

-pink and silver ornaments

I played around with a ton of ways to attach the ornaments, but believe it or not, the best way is to use these glitter styrofoam ornaments and just push them into place. Any other option was too delicate for tiny hands, and these ornaments actually stay in place really well just by pushing them into the tree. Like I said earlier, if you want something more permanent, just hot glue them.

For the star topper, use the piece of white floral wire and wrap it around the star and the top of the tree. The tree skirt is designed to come apart and attach at the base of the tree. The garland has wire so it will hold its shape when it's wrapped around the tree.

On to the cutie pie present that actually has a gift inside. I would love to see your kids' faces when they open the box and see this tiny teddy bear.

The DIY Kit includes:


-wrapping paper

-tissue paper

-bow (colors vary)

-teddy bear

Rather than showing the steps in photos, I made a video so you can see how the box is assembled. The whole project should take less than 10 minutes.

1. Apply glue or doible-sided tape to box form. (I used double-sided tape so I didn't have to wait for glue to dry.)

2. Attach wrapping paper to the box.

3. Use an X-Acto knife to cut slits into the wrapping paper that are already cut into the box.

4. Use scissors to cut off the excess wrapping paper and cut the same slits that are already on the box.

5. Fold all the lines on the box.

6. Assemble the box.

7. Add tissue paper and the teddy bear to the box.

8. Apply the bow to the top of the box.

Here is a more detailed video showing the box assembly.

How adorable is this? I'd love to hear if you decide to put anything else in the box. It would be so cute to have a bunch of presents under the tree like the toy train, miniature dollhouse, or rocking horse.

I hope you love this Christmas box as much as my kids do! Be sure to tag me on Instagram and use #miniadventureclub!


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