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Halloween Decor & Free Printable

It's the spookiest time of year, and it's time to bring some of that Halloween magic into your dollhouse. I have a few inexpensive and easy DIY miniature projects and a free printable.

The mini potion bottles are my absolute favorite. I made big versions of these bottles a couple years ago for my Halloween dining room. (The bottles are empty glass bottles that I cleaned and spray painted with a mirror look effect and vinegar to make the bottles look like mercury glass.)

To make the mini version, you need mini glass vials with corks, which you can find in the jewelry section of a craft store. I like getting different shapes and sizes to add some interest. You'll also need the labels, which you can find as a free printable here. You'll need to size them down depending on the size of your glass vials. Print the labels on white sticker paper, cut them out, and stick them on the vials. For the "potions" inside the vials, I used spices and things from around the house: the Black Cat Magic Potion is just some black chalk that I ground up into powder; the Cobweb Stew is a piece of cotton ball; the Bat Wing Tonic Elixir is black pepper; the Witch's Brew is gold glitter; and the Arsenic Poison is paprika.

I made The Black Cat Apothecary sign a couple of years ago as part of our Halloween dining room. I just loved this look for our spooky Halloween dining room. This is my kids' favorite holiday to decorate for, next to Christmas.

I recolored it so the background is black chalkboard and sized it down (2" x 3") to fit a dollhouse. If you'd like to make your own mini sign, you can find the free printable here. Just print the sign on cardstock, cut it out, and frame it with coffee stirrers (I left extra blank space around the border so the sticks can be glued directly to the sign).

I think it's so much fun to make Halloween spell books, and you can find a million tutorials on Pinterest. This year, I chose to make a few books mentioned in the Harry Potter series because I just finished reading through the whole series for the third time.

If you search on Pinterest, you can find a ton of Harry Potter book covers that you can just size down to fit your books. To make these, I used pre-made mini books purchased from a craft store, but you could also make your own or just use mini blocks of wood. Click here for a free printable of some book covers that have already been adjusted to mini size. I printed the covers on white sticker paper, cut them out, and then just wrapped the pre-made books.

I just love this DIY Broom Care book that I made as a set of 3 books from Little House on the Corner. Click here for her free printable (these need to be sized down).

Now for the the things that require absolutely no work. I purchased these pumpkins, jack'o'lanterns, brooms, and skull from Michaels from their Halloween village section. For my fall decor, I plan to paint a few of the plain orange pumpkins with greens and white to look like fairytale pumpkins.

I hope you have fun decorating your dollhouse for Halloween. So many of these projects would be great for kids, and you already have a mini broom ready to sweep up the mess. Happy Halloween and happy crafting!

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May 07, 2021

I just found this sight and am a subscriber. All the links for the labels, the printable sign do not work. Is there anyway I can still get them?

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