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Summer Boredom Busters

Note: This is definitely not my usual blog post, but when I shared this checklist in my Instagram stories, so many of you asked for a copy of the checklist that I thought it would be a good idea to share a free download because we all need a little help in the summer.

Summer is finally here! Kids don't have to wake up early and sit at a desk all day. They can be lazy and watch screens and play outside. This lasts for about a week until you start hearing the dreaded phrase of summer: "I'm bored!" Personally, I thrive in a structured environment, and I think you'll find most kids are the same way, even if they argue to the contrary. Two summers ago, I was terrible about letting my kids watch screens too much. After all, my small business doesn't shut down just because my kids are home. Mama has to find a way to work for a couple of hours a day while the kids are home. Last summer, we did a version of this checklist, but this summer, I was determined to make it function better for our family. Insert my superpowers: organization and checklists.

I came up with a daily checklist my 2 big kids have to complete each day before they are allowed to have any screen time. It's a win-win for everyone. The kids are keeping up their mental skills over the summer, and it forces them to be active and help around the house. I broke the checklist down into 6 categories: reading, math, writing, creative, active, and chores. Each category has a minimum time limit and suggestions for activities. I encourage the kids to change up the activities so they aren't doing the same thing each day. We also created a summer bucket list because I am terrible about doing fun activities like this with my kids unless it's on a checklist (I know....I have issues).

Here are examples of our summer bucket list and their summer checklist with time minimums and activity ideas. Each paper goes inside a plastic sleeve and the kids use a dry erase marker to check off what has been completed. At the end of the day, Lucy loves to erase everything to get the checklists ready for the next day (like mother, like daughter). These plastic sleeves are great, and I used them a ton when I was a teacher. For example, you can print out a young child's name on paper, insert it into the sleeve, and the kid can practice tracing their name, erase the marker, and start all over. Bigger kids can insert word searches, mazes, or logic puzzles so they can be reused again. I purchased this set on Amazon years ago, and they've held up so well.

I have a command center set up on the side of our fridge that includes Lucy's and Ricky's checklists, our summer bucket list, a jar of pens and markers, and a notepad. During the school year, these checklists are replaced with class schedules and homework. This command center is also where I keep our family calendar, the weekly dinner menu, my chores, and mail/coupons. I told you my superpower was organization. I just painted the side of the fridge with 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint and framed with wood in which I embedded magnets.

The kids have thrived on this system, and it gives me time to get my work done. Once everyone is done with their tasks for the day, we have lots of time for fun like checking off "make popsicles" from our bucket list. If you think this could work for your family, here is a free download of the summer checklist and the summer bucket list. Don't forget to add dollhouse play to the creative section (shameless plug from a small business owner). To celebrate summer fun and to help fight boredom, use coupon code SUMMERFUN for 20% off all ready to ship items. This coupon code will be good for the entire month of June!

Summer Checklist
Download PDF • 265KB

Summer Bucket List
Download PDF • 51KB


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