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Colored Pencils Tutorial

When it comes to a dollhouse, it's all about the details, and these super cute colored pencils are such an inexpensive and easy project. They add a fun pop of color and look super realistic.


-Round toothpicks (make sure they're round for a realistic look)


-Permanent markers

-Container (options: glass vial from the jewelry department, thimbles in the sewing department, or mini flower pots from the craft wood department)

Start by cutting your toothpick to the length you want, which will depend on the size of the container you're using. You don't want them to be too long or they won't look like realistic 1:12 scale colored pencils. I can get 2 pencils from each toothpick with a little bit extra in the middle that I throw away.

If your cut edge seems a little jagged, you can run it over a piece of sandpaper, but I don't usually need to do this if I'm using a good pair of sharp scissors.

Now it's time to color the pencils using permanent markers. I like to start with my light colors and work up to the darkest colors in case the ink bleeds onto my fingers. That way, I don't transfer any of the darker colors on to the lighter pencils.

Start by coloring the tip of the pencil. Keep the edge a little uneven so it looks how it would in real life when you sharpen a colored pencil. Let it dry for a minute or two so the color doesn't get all over your fingers when you turn it around to color the other side. I like to go through and color all the tips and then go back to color the bases, which gives everything plenty of time to dry.

Hold the dry tip and color the base. Don't worry about the edge right now. You'll clean that up in a minute. Don't forget to color the very bottom of the pencil, too.

Once the base is colored, very carefully use your marker to clean up the line so it's straight all around.

Now you have a tiny colored pencil.

After coloring all your pencils, put them in whatever container you're using and that's that. A super easy project that only takes a few minutes.

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