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Furry Friend Fun with a Free Printable

I absolutely love animals. I've had dogs my whole life until last year when my dog Captain passed away. We've always promised to get Lucy a cat, but we couldn't with Captain around because he was a hound and a cat would not have lasted long in our house. We just got our first cat Max, and we're absolutely in love. We'll get another dog soon and all will be well in our house. Getting Max inspired me to create a fun collection for dollhouse pets.

First, let's talk about the actual pets themselves. 1:12 scale pets are hard to come by unless you're paying too much for a resin figurine that isn't great for actual play. I recommend using pets for Barbie. Barbie is 1:6 scale, but I find a lot of Barbie decor and accessories work great for 1:12 scale.

If you'd like to purchase a dog house (it comes as a DIY Kit or Assembled), click here. For the rest of the pet collection available for purchase, click here. I wanted to share some other ideas for easy crafts to do with your kids to make things for the tiny pets in their dollhouses. I even have a free download for you.

I designed this teeny pet food bag to be downloaded and printed. I recommend printing on regular printer paper because it's easier to fold. Just follow the directions on the page. To make pet food for the bag and food bowl, just take a piece of pet food and crush it up with a mallet or hammer. You can see the food in the picture above. I got that much from literally one piece of kitten food. You can get the free PDF below.

Pet Food Bag Printable
Download PDF • 494KB

As for mini pet toys, you could use colored jewelry beads for balls or mini pom poms to look like little yarn balls.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see all the fun ideas you come up with for your tiny pets.. One of you needs to come up with a fun cat tree that you can share with us.


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