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DIY Kit: Lounge Chair

Updated: May 6, 2021

It's almost summer time, which means it's time to get outside and soak up the sun. This lounge chair will be perfect for relaxation for your dolls. To purchase this DIY Kit, please click here. You can also order the assembled version from the same link. Let's get started with assembly.

Your kit includes everything you see in the above picture.

-2 frames

-3 cross supports

-bendable seat

You will need to supply the following items:

-super glue

-220 grit sandpaper

-paint and/or stains in colors of your choice

You have a couple routes depending on what you want to do with your lounge chair. If you plan to stain or leave the wood unfinished, then you'll need to use sandpaper to remove the burn marks (be extra gentle on the bendable seat). If you plan to paint, you can do it now or after assembly.

Insert the 3 cross supports into the holes of a frame. I didn't want the supports to break so the fit isn't super snug. Use a couple drops of super glue to tack each cross support into place. Allow the glue to set; then, insert the cross supports into the holes of the other frame. Use super glue to tack the supports into place and allow the glue to completely dry.

To attach the bendable seat, I think it's easier to just glue half the seat at a time. Apply a line of glue to the upper half (stop at the lowest point of the seat) on both sides of the frame. Line up the bendable seat with the top of the frame and use your hand to hold the seat onto the frame. Hold in place for about 60 seconds until the glue sets.

Apply super glue to the rest of the frame edges and press the bendable seat into place, making sure the seat lines up with the edge of the frame. Hold the seat in place for about 60 seconds until the glue sets.

You have a finished lounge chair ready for chilling by the pool. Make sure to tag me on Instagram to show me how you customized your lounge chair.


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