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Instant Curb Appeal: Floors & Wallpaper for The Adventure Dollhouse

Nothing jazzes up a dollhouse like floors and wallpaper. It just adds so much color and character with minimal effort. Obviously, the design of The Adventure Dollhouse showcases how I feel about the importance of versatility so I wanted the same vision for floors and wallpapers. Enter Ash + Olive Co. Lindsay creates gorgeous and reusable vinyl decals for big spaces. Why not mini spaces, too? We teamed up to create beautiful and functional floors and wallpapers for The Adventure Dollhouse. (To purchase The Adventure Dollhouse and the floor and wallpaper sets, click here.)

The floors and wallpapers are printed with environmentally friendly ink on self-adhesive, high quality vinyl. They are fully removable and repositionable, which means, if you make a mistake, no biggie! Just peel off carefully and try again. (This was a non-negotiable for me because I am notoriously bad at applying wallpaper to dollhouses so I have to do it about a million time before I get it right.)

The vinyl is resistant to tearing and helps protect the painted surface of The Adventure Dollhouse. I don't know how gentle your kids are when they play, but Baylor comes in like a wrecking ball when she's playing with her dollhouse. I was already noticing minor scratches, especially on the floors so the added protection of the vinyl was a huge win for me. It holds up so well and never scratches.

If you're ready for a change, the vinyl is reusable and easy to remove. Just save the backing paper so you have a place to store the papers you aren't using. Most of you are probably normal people who don't need a tutorial for how to install dollhouse floors and wallpaper, but maybe some of you are like me. For some reason, I struggle with floors and wallpaper more than anything else in a dollhouse. I can make teeny, tiny wooden furniture with a mini table saw, but ask me to stick on some wallpaper, and I look like someone trying to attach those impossible luggage stickers at the airport. Here are some tips to get you going and I'll share a video below that shows the whole process.

First, make sure you know which rooms are getting which floor and wallpaper. The wallpapers are designed so each one only fits one room. For example, the blush diamond pattern will only fit on the single rooftop. For floors, the double rooms and patio have to be used on those rooms, but you can switch out the two single rooms. The tile floor and one of the wood floors can go on either the single room or the single rooftop.

You will need to partially dismantle the room with a Phillips head screwdriver to install the floor and wallpaper. Just remove the floor but keep the roof and side walls intact. For the floors, pay attention to the cutouts on the corners. The smaller cutouts should line up with the groove at the back, while the larger cutouts face the front of the room.

Only peel off one edge of the floor or wallpaper at a time. Take your time liming up the vinyl with the edge of the floor or wall. If you get that part right, everything else will be easy. Smooth out air bubbles as you slowly remove the backing paper and press the vinyl into place. Don't forget to save the backing paper in case you ever want to remove the vinyl.

Be gentle reinserting the back panel into the grooves so the vinyl doesn't bunch at the edge. If needed, slightly loosen the screws from the roof to create some space for the back panel to slide back into space. That's all the tips I've got. Check out the full tutorial video below.

Your dollhouse went from looking like this:

To this:

Isn't that a million times better!? Tag me on Instagram to show me all the amazing stuff you're doing with The Adventure Dollhouse!


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