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DIY Kit: Showers

Updated: May 6, 2021

Add something extra to your bathroom with this shower wall. It would also make a great outdoor shower. To purchase this DIY Kit, please click here for the herringbone shower and here for the Moroccan shower. You can also order the assembled versions from the same links. Let's get started with assembly.

Your kit includes everything you see in the above picture. The Moroccan shower kit is the same except you get 2 pieces for the shower wall.

-back panel

-metal bar

-wood disc

You will need to supply the following items:

-craft glue

-super glue

-220 grit sandpaper

-paint, stains, and/or tile download in colors of your choice

If you plan to stain the shower wall or leave it unfinished., you'll need to sand off the burned marks and stain before assembly. If you plan to paint, now is the time to do it. For the Moroccan Shower, you can paint or print a tile download for the back panel. Use craft glue to glue the arch panel to the back panel; use a heavy book as weight until the glue dries.

Peel the protective tape from both sides of the metal bar (I try to remember to do this before I package the DIY Kit, but you should check just to be sure). I bend the bar so that about 2 inches comes out for the shower head. I just place the bar on the edge of a table and bend it until the bar is at a 90 degree angle. Apply a couple drops of super glue to the end of the metal bar and attach the wood disc. Once the glue is dry, spray paint the shower head whatever color you want..

Use super glue to attach the shower head to the wall. The shower wall can be attached to a dollhouse with super glue or craft glue.

Here's the Moroccan shower with the Moroccan tile download, which you can purchase here.

Make sure to tag me on Instagram to show me how you customized your shower.


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