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Home Gym

Sometimes, you just need to create something for fun. I started Madeline Move's Tighter Together challenge today so I thought it would be fun to make a little home gym for the dollhouse. This would make a great summer project for your kids that could keep them occupied for a whopping 30 minutes. I don't know what to tell you about the other 23.5 hours of the day.


-wooden dowel

-toy wheels

-foam sheet

-rubber band

To make the exercise mat, you can use a foam sheet that you can find at any craft store. I used my needle tool, a square, and a ruler to make a 3"x6.5" mat. Just use regular scissors to cut the foam.

To make the dumbbells, cut your wooden dowels at 1". You need 2 pieces for each set of dumbbells. I made 2 sets so I needed 4 bars. I cut mine with this nifty miter cutter, but regular scissors can cut through thin dowels. I wanted to spray paint mine gold so I placed the bars on a piece of painters' tape so they wouldn't blow away from the force of the spray paint. To make the weights for the ends, you can use wooden toy wheels that you can find in the wood craft section of Hobby Lobby. You can use any round disc as long as you can drill a hole the same size as your dowel. I made mine on my Glowforge, but that obviously isn't necessary. Paint the weights whatever color you want. I made my weights pink and purple because it's my dollhouse and I can do what I want.

To assemble the dumbbells, put in a drop of glue into each hole of the weights. Insert the bar into one of the holes, and attach the other weight to the other side of the bar. Press the ends together and make sure everything is square. Allow the glue to dry completely.

For a super easy resistance band, just use a rubber band. You could make kettle bells out of a piece of aluminum rod and a wood bead. You could make a long weight bar the same way you made the dumbbells with a longer dowel and larger wood discs. Have fun with it! These are all easy enough for your kids to do with minimal assistance so make a day out of creating a mini home gym.

This Maileg mouse is getting her sweat on in her new home gym. Tag me on Instagram to share your mini home gyms.


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