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I Put a Spell on You Adventure: September 2023 Subscription Box

September might be a little too early to be thinking about Halloween, but I just couldn't pass up a chance for this spooky box. I am crazy about the leather-bound Book of Spells and I have lots of great ideas for science experiments in the mini cauldron.

This month's box includes a Book of Spells DIY Kit, a tiny cauldron, and a bag of goodies to go with it. If you're new here or stumbled across this post by accident, you can click here to learn more about The Adventure Box, a small world play quarterly subscription box for kids.

Your bag of goodies includes:

-cauldron with "steam"

-large spoon

-witch's hat

-witch's broom

-2 vials of Halloween potions

The DIY Kit includes:

-leather book cover

-book pages


-cord to tie the book closed

This kit is so easy that I just made a quick video to show assembly. You can have the book assembled in less than 5 minutes. Tiny books are one of my daughter's favorite things to play with in her dollhouse. I made her mini versions of some of her favorite books, and she loves to flip through the pages "reading" to me.

The pages have beautiful details and illustrations, and I love the look and feel of the leather cover with the gemstone. The book does not stay closed easily so you can use the cord to tie it closed when you're not mixing up potions.

Plus, your dolls have the perfect witches costume for Halloween, and the broom can be used year round to clean your dollhouse.

As a former elementary science teacher, I'm always trying to think of fun and engaging science experiments for kids so I have another idea for your mini cauldron. (Don't forget to take out the stuffing "steam" before trying anything else.) Make a bubbling witch's brew by adding 1 tablespoon of baking soda to the cauldron.. In a measuring cup, add 4 ounces of vinegar and 3 drops of food coloring (green gives it a spooky touch). Pour some of the vinegar into the baking soda, and watch the bubbling brew. Don't forget to place your cauldron in a shallow pan for easy cleanup. You can repeat until the vinegar is gone and then give the cauldron a quick rinse. I hope you and your little one have fun getting ready for Halloween. Be sure to tag me on Instagram and use #theadventurebox!


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