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Plant Tutorial

Miniature plants are one of my favorite additions to any dollhouse because they add so much life (even though the plants are fake). Rooms seem more complete with a little bit of greenery. I'm going to show you how to make inexpensive and easy mini plants. If you don't feel like making your own, you can also buy them in my shop.


-faux greenery

-small containers

-hot glue

-wire cutters (or strong scissors)

-paint, jute, small rocks, etc. (optional)

I try to use faux greenery I already have around the house, but when I need something I don't have, I usually buy faux plants at Hobby Lobby, especially when they're 50% off. You have to keep an eye out for plants with small leaves or plants that you can cut apart. One of my favorites are the succulents you can see in the bottom left of the picture. For most faux greenery, you can just use strong scissors to cut it apart, but thicker items with wire will require wire cutters.

There are a ton of options for plant containers. In the wood craft section, you can find small wooden flower pots, bowls, and candle cups. In the jewelry department, you can find wooden beads or macrame beads. In the sewing department, you can use thimbles. In other sections of a craft store, you can find small glass vials or small plastic containers used for paint.

Just cut apart your greenery and insert it into your container of choice with some hot glue. I rarely use hot glue in my miniature making because it doesn't hold up well over time, but it works great for mini plants. I also use it in my glass containers with mini pebbles because the hot glue dries clear and the rocks stay in place.

To make a jute basket to hold your plants, you'll need a plastic container (mine is just a paint cup found in the art section of a craft store), jute, hot glue, and some faux greenery.

Start at the bottom by making a thin line of hot glue in a short section (it dries quickly so you want to work in shorter sections). Press the jute into the hot glue, and it should set very quickly.

Continue wrapping the jute around the container using small lines of hot glue. This isn't hard, but it's definitely tedious.

Here's the finished container. A small one like this takes me about 10 minutes. Use scissors to trim any stray pieces of jute or to cut off exposed hot glue.

I love this geometric potted plant in the play room of The Olivia Dollhouse. It was a plain wooden bead that I painted gold. You could even paint designs on the containers.

I love these potted succulents in the wooden bowls.

This basket of grass adds great color to a room while still being neutral.

There are so many ways you can add mini plants to your dollhouse, and it's a fun project to get the kids involved. An adult needs to handle the hot glue, but a kid would have so much fun choosing the containers and plants and painting the wooden containers.


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