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Toilet Paper Tutorial

As we enter Day 76,495 of quarantine, things are getting weird. If toilet paper is the new currency in the US, then my dolls are RICH! For the first time in a while, I had about 30 minutes to myself today when the baby's nap coincided with the big kids' rest/nap time. Rather than doing any of the million things that really needed to get done, I decided to have some fun and tackle this mini project of making miniature toilet paper rolls. It was so therapeutic to be in my office working on something fun and quick. I realize toilet paper is super scarce right now, but I swear you only need 3 squares to make 7 rolls of mini toilet paper. If you find yourself also wanting to make some tp for your dollhouse, then keep on reading. If you think I'm a crazy person (totally true), then you might want to skip this one. Let's get crafting!


-Brown craft paper (or an old toilet paper roll)

-3 squares of toilet paper




-Double-sided tape

-Small wooden dowel (any tiny cylinder will work)

Start by making the toilet paper rolls using brown craft paper or an old toilet paper roll. Use your scissors to cut a half inch strip. Just one strip is enough to make several rolls of toilet paper.

Wrap the craft paper around a small wooden dowel or any other tiny cylinder. Use a small piece of double-sided tape to hold the roll together. Cut off the excess paper, and slide the roll off the dowel.

Now you have your roll and it's time to work on the toilet paper. You could do the same thing with an actual toilet paper roll, but I happened to have brown craft paper on hand, and that seemed easier.

For a thick enough roll, you need 3 squares of toilet paper (mine is 2-ply so that might change the amount you need if you only have access to 1-ply right now). I used my rotary cutter to cut a half-inch strip of toilet paper, but regular scissors will work just fine. You can get 7 rolls of toilet paper from these 3 squares.

Use a small piece of double-sided tape to secure the toilet paper to the roll, and then just gently wind it around the roll. Be extra careful around the perforated edges (if it tears, just use more double-sided tape to connect the broken pieces).

Once you get to the end, use a small piece of double-sided tape to attach the end of the paper to the rest of the roll. Voila! Mini toilet paper!

I made several rolls so I could fill a little basket because that's where I'm at in this crazy life right now.

I hope you're staying sane and taking a few minutes of time for yourself every day. These are very unusual times, and it's so important to do things that make you happy and fill up your cup. If that happens to be making miniature toilet paper, then go for it. Happy crafting, friends!


Kim Howard (Kim Colgate)
Kim Howard (Kim Colgate)
Nov 11, 2022

I just wanted to say that I happened across this at the perfect time. It just so happens that I'm making an outhouse and was just to the point of making a roll. Now I know exactly how to do it. Thank you!


Jun 09, 2020

I just made 4 rolls of TP! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm working on my first dollhouse and many of the projects I've found require tools or supplies that I would need to purchase.. I was fun to make something quick and easy with materials I already have.

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