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A full house bundle that makes the perfect starter pack for your dollhouse. This bundle includes enough furniture for 6 rooms. To read about the indvidual details and dimensions, see the individual listings for each item. Accessories are sold separately. 


The Full House Bundle includes:

-Deluxe Kitchen

-Waterfall Island

-The Lucy Bed

-2 Ireland Cabinets

-Single Vanity


-The Ivory Sofa

-The Ivory Armchair

-The Ricky Table

-2 Dining Benches

-The Baylor Crib

-Rocking Chair


Room bundles save you time and money! If you're looking to purchase several items, room bundles are a great option. It gives you the chance to purchase a curated collection of items at a discounted price versus buying the items individually. Plus, it takes out the guesswork of wondering if items will look good together.

Full House Bundle

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