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Dollhouse Dreams

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

I cannot believe this day is finally here! I have been working on this vision for nearly 2 years, and I finally get to share my dreams with you. It's no secret that I have a passion for dollhouses and small world play so I thought it was time to take things to the next level. I created my very own dollhouse that I aptly named The Adventure Dollhouse. (To get all the details, click here to go The Adventure Dollhouse webpage.) Let me give you some background on why I would bother with such an endeavor when there are already so many other dollhouses on the market.

I made over my first dollhouse a few years ago for my oldest daughter Lucy for Christmas. The second I started that project I was hooked and knew it wouldn't be my last dollhouse. Before I knew it, I was making over dollhouses for the kids of my friends. I have loved every single project, but I was never fully satisfied with the dollhouse itself. I hated where the stairs were placed or there weren't big enough openings to access the rooms well or I wanted to be able to add rooms or rearrange the layout. I have never been able to find the perfect dollhouse...until now.

A couple of years ago, I began to envision a dollhouse that was modular where the rooms could be rearranged. I wanted playing and learning to start with the dollhouse, not just with the dolls or what goes into the dollhouse. I noticed that my daughter Lucy rarely played with actual dolls; mostly she just enjoyed decorating the rooms. I thought she would love it so much more if she could start by designing the dollhouse itself.

What if children had the opportunity to be the architects of their own small worlds? What if a dollhouse could change with the child's imagination? What if the dollhouse could transform into a new world each day? These ideas consumed my thinking until I knew I had to create that experience. I had a general idea of what the rooms would look like, but I was stumped as to how to make the rooms modular. The rooms needed to be easy to move around but I wanted the overall structure to be secure.

I worked with a team of engineers for months on multiple ideas, and we determined magnets were the way to go. Magnets allow a child to easily rearrange the layout but are surprisingly good for holding the current layout. Plus, the snapping sound it makes when everything clicks into place is super satisfying.

I wanted a simple and modern design that would look good in any home because this is the type of dollhouse you want to have on display. In fact, I bet you'll be the mom that decorates the dollhouse after your kids are napping or at school. (I know that because I'm the mom that does that.) The arched openings give the rooms a whimsical look while allowing for greater access to the interiors. The single rooms and patios fit together perfectly with the double rooms. Think of it as Legos for dollhouses. With just 4 rooms and a patio, your child can create over 30 unique layouts!

Imagine the possibilities if you were to have more than one Adventure Dollhouse. You could create a whole city to be rearranged as much as your child wants. Being able to break the rooms apart also means your children can build a structure together or play independently of each other. Open-ended learning encourages independent play, but you'll have just as much fun playing with your children. This is the dollhouse we all dreamed of when we were growing up. We are the architects of our own worlds.

I hope you love this dollhouse as much as I do. This has been an absolute dream come true, and I cannot describe to you what it was like putting the dollhouse together and seeing my vision come to life. The first time I saw a child's eyes light up when she heard those magnets snap into place was pure magic, and it made every single moment of this long journey worth it. I hope you'll allow your child to explore and play in their own small worlds, and I hope you'll join them on the adventure.

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