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DIY Kit: Fireplace

There is nothing I love more to decorate than a mantle whether it's in real life or a dollhouse. To decorate a mantle, you need a fireplace and this is the perfect match for your dollhouse. You can customize it any way you want it to match the rest of your dollhouse. To purchase this DIY Kit, please click here. You can also order the assembled version from the same link. Let's get started with assembly.

Your kit includes everything you see in the above picture.




-2 sides

-arch (not pictured)

You will need to supply the following items:

-craft glue

-220 grit sandpaper

-paint, stains and/or wallpaper in colors of your choice

If you plan to stain or leave the dog house unfinished, use a fine grit sandpaper to sand away the burn marks on each piece. I recommend staining or painting before assembly so you can easily take care of the interior. Make sure to sand the mantle piece as well.

Apply a line of craft glue to each side of the back piece and attach the sides. Allow the glue to dry completely.

You can do whatever you want to the inside of the fireplace. I think brick or tile scrapbook paper would be a really cool option here, but I chose to paint mine a dark gray. It's a lot easier to paint before the rest of the assembly.

Apply glue to fronts of the sides and attach the front piece. Allow the glue to dry completely.

For the exterior of the fireplace, you have lots of options, including paint,, stain, or scrapbook paper. I offer several tiles and wallpapers available as digital downloads that you can find here. Just print them on to sticker paper or regular paper (use mod podge to attach). I'm using my Moroccan Tile in Storm scaled down. I printed it on a sticker paper so I just had to trace the outline, cut it out, and stick it on. I leave extra to wrap around the back.

Apply glue to top edges of the fireplace and attach the mantle. I like my mantle to be flush with the back, which means it will have about an eighth of an inch overhang on the other sides. Allow the glue to dry completely.

It's time to paint the arch. You could also sand it or stain it. I recommend sticking it to painters tape to hold it in place while you work so your hands don't get dirty. Once the arch is dry, apply glue to back and attach it to the front of the fireplace.

You have a finished fireplace ready to decorate. Make sure to tag me on Instagram to show me how you customized your fireplace.


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