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DIY Kit: Modern Coffee Table

Complete your dollhouse living room with this Modern Coffee Table. To purchase this DIY Kit, please click here. You can also order the assembled version from the same link. Let's get started with assembly.

Your kit includes everything you see in the above picture.


-2 short bases

-long base

You will need to supply the following items:

-craft glue

-spray paint and/or stains in colors of your choice

-220 grit sandpaper

Start by sanding the tabletop. You can just do a quick sand with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth all the edges. If you plan to stain the bases, you'll need to sand off the burned edges. If you plan to stain anything, do so before assembly because oil-based stain will not adhere to water-based glue.

To assemble the base, add glue to the long base piece in the cut out parts. Add the 2 short base pieces and make sure everything is square. Allow the glue to dry.

I chose to spray paint my base so painting needs to be done before attaching the base to the top. 2-3 light, even coats should do the trick.

To assemble the table, apply glue to the tops of the base and place the base on the bottom of the tabletop. Allow the glue to dry completely.

I hope you'll tag me on Instagram to show me your beautiful creations.


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