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5 Reasons Why You Need The Adventure Dollhouse

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The Adventure Dollhouse is a dream of mine turned into reality with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Years ago, when I first started working on dollhouses, I was always wishing I could rearrange the dollhouse and or add to it when I thought up a new room. I began to envision a modular dollhouse where the rooms could break apart and be rearranged into an endless number of layouts. I spent months working with a team of designers and engineers to bring my idea to life. Then, I spent several more months working with a factory to manufacture the dollhouse. Now that The Adventure Dollhouse is finally here, I want everyone to know about it and get to experience it for themselves. If you're interested in reading more about my dollhouse journey, check out this blog post.

This is the final installment of a 3-part blog series on why you should have a dollhouse. This blog post is going to focus on why you specifically need The Adventure Dollhouse, while the first post (you can read it here) focused on why every kid needs a dollhouse and the second post focused on why every mom needs a dollhouse (you can read it here). So let's get going on 5 reasons why you need The Adventure Dollhouse. If you aren't already familiar with my dollhouse, let me break it down for you. The basic package comes with 5 rooms (single, double, single rooftop, double rooftop, and patio), and the rooms snap into place with magnets. To expand your dollhouse, you can also purchase rooms individually. Check out all the details here.

Disclaimer: While I do hope this series makes you want to buy The Adventure Dollhouse, that is not my end goal. Of course, I am running a business, and the goal of any business is to make money, but to me, it's more important that your child gets the benefits of having a dollhouse, even if that dollhouse does not come from me. I believe in the importance of dollhouses so much that I just want you to have one, in whatever way that looks for your family.

1. Get Creative with More Play Time

It doesn't take much thought to see where I came up with the name The Adventure Dollhouse. It's like those old school books where you get to choose your own adventure. Until now, the dollhouse itself wasn't really a part of play time; it was all about the dolls, furniture, and decor inside the dollhouse. With The Adventure Dollhouse, you can get creative with the dollhouse itself. It adds to the problem solving fun when your child has to determine what building he or she wants to create that day. It's the perfect toy for a budding architect or interior designer. When I need a minute to drink my coffee in peace, I challenge my kids to come up with as many different layouts as they can. On Monday, they can create a cozy cottage. On Tuesday, they can add rooms to build a mansion. On Wednesday, the rooms become Grandma's house. On Thursday, the rooms break apart to become a shopping mall. On Friday, they can stack rooms to create a high-rise apartment. On Saturday, they can use the rooms to create a superhero's fortress of solitude. On Sunday, the rooms can become a school. Are you getting it yet? The possibilities are literally endless, and that is unequivocally my absolute favorite part of The Adventure Dollhouse!

2. Sharing is Caring

I don't know about your house, but at my house, it's always a gamble on how well my kids are going to play together from day to day. I have an 8yo, 7yo, and 3yo, and as you can imagine, they don't always agree on how to play. The beauty of The Adventure Dollhouse is that the rooms can be broken apart so each kid can do their own thing. My kids love to play together a lot of the time, but they also like be able to create their own worlds. If I notice things getting out of hand, I can ask them to break apart the dollhouse and play in separate areas. I have a customer with twins who says her girls take turns with different rooms and layouts. When they feel like playing together, they just snap those magnets into place. Dollhouses are an amazing way to encourage cooperative play, but I also love that everyone can do their own thing with The Adventure Dollhouse.

3. Fits Any Size or Budget

Dollhouses on the market just didn't offer me the flexibility I look for. Versatility is probably what I look for most when shopping for toys, clothes, home decor, or anything really. I wanted to create a dollhouse that fit anyone's budget, whether it was big or small. Since you can purchase rooms of The Adventure Dollhouse individually, it works for even the smallest budget. You can buy just a single room or get a great deal on The Cozy Cottage (a single rooftop and a double rooftop package). Maybe you have a bigger budget and you're ready to build the dollhouse mansion of your dreams. You can buy the basic package and then add more rooms. You can see Baylor's dollhouse includes a ton of rooms so she even has a laundry room. My dream would be to see someone use the rooms to create an entire city with houses, apartments, and shops.

4. Perfect for Boys, Too

Dollhouses get a bad rap as being a toy just for girls, but I wanted to change that perspective with The Adventure Dollhouse, In fact, I almost shortened the name to just The Adventure House to avoid the stigma of a dollhouse being a toy for girls only. My son Ricky has a huge collection of action figures, some of which belonged to my husband when he was a boy; those action figures need a home, too, and Ricky uses the dollhouse more like a superhero hideout. I purposely created a gender neutral design so it would be versatile enough to be used with boys. The patio makes an excellent garage, and Ricky has been known to use the slanted roofs as a slide for his action figures. Plus, boys learn great social and emotional skills when they play with a dollhouse. A lot of boys would be willing to play with The Adventure Dollhouse just because it's fun to be an architect and it's not the stereotypical pink and purple monstrosity. In fact, my neighbor has a son in fifth grade who she caught rearranging the rooms because he wanted to see if he could come up with a layout that I hadn't made yet. Interestingly enough, he was the first one to come up with the layout of hanging the double room over a single room, which I am definitely not creative enough to think of on my own.

5. Unique Play Therapy Opportunities

In my dollhouse journey, play therapy was definitely not something I considered; yet, it has been the most unexpected but delightful surprise. I was looking for a cause to champion that coordinated with the philosophy behind The Adventure Dollhouse. Ridiculously, I somehow didn't think of play therapy until a licensed play therapist reached out to me. She asked me if I had considered selling my dollhouse to play therapists because it presents such unique opportunities that you just don't get with other dollhouses. I am by no means a licensed play therapist, but here were just a couple of ideas she had off the top of her head: the dollhouse can be split apart to help a child cope with a family splitting from divorce or a smaller layout could be used to help a child relate to apartment living. I think every business owner should have a cause they support, and my heart has been led to play therapy. Stay tuned for more about this, especially if you're a licensed play therapist.

I hope I've convinced you how versatile and fun The Adventure Dollhouse is! It presents unique learning and play opportunities that you just can't get with other dollhouses on the market. Click here to purchase yours and receive a coupon code for a discount on furniture and decor to go in your new dollhouse.


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